There are several ways to donate to help the Ellis County SPCA. We are 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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For as little as $5 a month, your monthly gift will be used to care for the hundreds of dogs and cats we receive each year and provide the funding we need to find homes for them.

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Living Magazine

Promotional support from Living Magazine has helped us to reach thousands of potential adopters, volunteers and donors. Read current and past issues online here.

Bow Wow Barbers

Every dog and cat available for adoption at the ECSPCA shelter is a handsome one: all the cats with their pretty fur and pointy ears and the dogs with their wagging tails and shiny coats and all.

But there's something even more special about a well groomed, sweet smelling pet that makes him or her irresistible to adopt. That's the work of Shirley Bailey, owner of Bow Wow Barbers of Waxahachie.

We thank Shirley and her employees for their volunteer work. Look her up the next time you take your companion animal in for a bit of grooming and let her know how much you appreciate her work for us.

Special Thanks

Our work would not be possible without the support and generosity of these good people